Chimney & Fireplace Installations Near Seattle, WA

Chimney & Fireplace Installation Services in Seattle


 Sound Chimneys will help you determine the type of installation by determining where your chimney will run. Installations will vary. Determine if the installation is a through-the-roof or through-the-wall installation.  

Fireplace & Hearth

 Sound Chimneys will provide fireplace inserts  which greatly improve the performance and aesthetics of inefficient, open-burning wood fireplaces. Inserts can be installed into your existing fireplace, greatly enhancing its performance and beauty. 

Chimney Liners

 Upgrade your chimney with new stainless steel, aluminum, or terracotta chimney liners for your furnace or fireplace 

Metal Flexliners with Inserts

 When chimneys get old or are not maintained properly they can deteriorate and create hazardous conditions. Cracked tiles and deteriorating masonry can allow hazardous gases or even fire to enter your house. In order to remedy these situations there are two things that can be done: the entire existing chimney can be torn down and rebuilt, or you can reline your chimney with a stainless steel chimney liner.