Chimney Cleaning, Sweeping & Inspection Services Near Seattle, Washington

Chimney Cleaning & Inspections For The Seattle Area

Sound Chimneys has provided expert cleaning, sweeping & inspection service since 1998

Allow the experts at Sound Chimney, Masonry & Cleaning to inspect your chimney to see if it needs any type of chimney restoration. Based in Seattle, Washington, our comprehensive chimney inspections are the most reliable way to avoid unforeseen problems.

Chimney damage and creosote buildup often goes undetected for years. Earthquakes, age, and even heavy traffic can weaken a chimney, making it a fire hazard. Do not wait for your chimney to become a liability to your home, and allow us to inspect and correct any problems or damages found within your masonry. 

Twenty Point Inspection :

  • Ash Container
  • Damper
  • Tools/Gloves
  • Fireplace:
  • Hearth Protection
  • Firebox/Grate
  • Smoke Chamber
  • Spark Screen/Doors
  • Stove Pipe Condition
  • Stove Gasketing Condition
  • Installation/Thimble/Clearance