Greater Seattle Tuck Pointing Services

Tuck Pointing Experts Serving Greater Seattle

Let our experts save your old chimney before it needs to be rebuilt

We provide Greater Seattle tuck-pointing service that involves grinding out and replacing the old mortar. This will restore the integrity of the bricks so they last much longer. Call the  experts at Sound Chimney & Masonry in Greater Seattle for a free estimate on your brickwork  or chimney tuck-pointing service .

Greater Seattle Tuck-pointing service can save your chimney and brick from the wear and tear of the Pacific Northwest. Every year, about 40 gallons of water goes down an average uncapped chimney, and most of it evaporates through the brick and turns the mortar back to sand. Throughout time this will degrade your entire chimney, and eventually it must be replaced. Tuck-pointing uses  two contrasting colors of mortar in the  joints of brickwork, one color matching the bricks themselves, to give an artificial impression that very fine joints have been made.